Third times the charm?

Or is it the fourth? Maybe the fifth? Quite frankly, I’ve forgotten how many other blogs I have started and eventually/inevitably forgotten about or gotten bored with. So, I’m not really sure why I’m starting yet another one…maybe it was the wine (that’s a possibility and probably not far from the truth), but whatever it was, here I am starting over. Again. Hoping for better/longer results, but knowing that, eventually, I will give up on this or get bored or forget my password or one of the many other reasons that brought about the demise of my previous blogs.

But until that time comes, I will use my little space on the interwebs to vent my frustrations, share my feelings and opinions, show pictures of anything from sewing projects to vacations to just our backyard and pets…generally do whatever I want with my new blog because I can.

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